API Cable Descramblers And Boxes $45 Each

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Cable Descramblers UnModified
ViewMaster 4000+ Traditional
Vision Titanium Vx4500 - ViewMaster 4000+
The New ClearMax XXX-6000 - Ranger 5000

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Buy Un-Modified And Save At-Least $100 Per Unit.

We sell replacement remotes 4 Vision / VM 3800 - 4000+ - XXX - VX4500 & Ranger
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Jerrold & CFT2254 SP Models On Sale Now

The Vision Titanium Vx4500
The Titanium VX4500
As Low As $38 Each Delivered
"Great For USA, South America, & Japan"
This box runs the coolest of all. Added vents on the top of the
box + a 6" cooling block makes it #1 IN STOCK NOW
Viewmaster 4000+ cable tv descrambler
The ViewMaster 4000 PLUS With Trap Door
As Low As $38 Each Delivered
All functions fully automatic on Plus models
This is a great box & a true universal comes complete with
Easy access trap door. Great for adding additional components to your box!

clearmax XXX-6000 cable tv box descramblers
The NEW ClearMax XXX-6000
As Low As $38 Each Delivered
All functions fully automatic
this unit is identical inside as the ViewMaster 4000+
the only difference is the cover of this unit. Both the
XXX-6000 & VM4000+ units use the same remote

The Ranger 5000 Cable Descrambler Unmodified
The Ranger 5000
This Unit Has Been Discontinued
Korean made this 125 channel box is our economy box. This is a good unit that works in most all areas. It is fully automatic. The ranger 5000 unmodified cable box descrambler would be a good addition to your inventory.

The Vision 20/20 Plus Unmodified Cable Descrambler
The Vision 20/20 Plus
This Unit Has Been Discontinued

The vision 20/20 plus is another API Inc. family cable box that has been available from us for nearly 4 years following the old 3800 model. The vision 20/20 plus is the only box on the market that does not have by-pass installed. No need to press MEM2 here.
The VM4000 Unmodified Cable Descrambler
The ViewMaster 4000
This Unit Has Been Discontinued
The good old VM4000 was a great unit. Now it has been replaced with the VM4000+, another fine box of the viewmaster family. Click on the box to see the new style boxes. This was a great cable box descrambler back in it's day. It has been discontinued since the summer of 2001.
Click here to view General Instruments & Jerrold Units
Original General Instrument Units
All Priced At $15 - $20 Each ONLY

We are the only company left on the net to offer all of these original equipment models to the public at x-tremely low prices. API Inc. still offers these units as low as $15. We carry a full line of models including CFT2200 CFT2014 DPBB DPV jerrold and general instruments models.

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Original Scientific Atlanta & Pioneer
All Priced At $15 Each ONLY
We are the only company left on the net to offer all of these original equipment models to the public at x-tremely low prices. API Inc. still offers these units as low as $15 each. We carry 8600STNN models all in working field pull condition.

Free FAQ's About Cable Box Descramblers
Visit each page for additional valuable FAQ's On Unmodified Cable Descramblers. Each page contains different content full of commonly asked questions about cable descramblers and turning on cable boxes that no other company on the net will tell you about.


All Units are sold as "RAW" & "Unmodified" Meaning we sell the unit without installing a test chip inside of the unit.Although "test chips are easily available on the net, we do not offer them for sale or install them.
Most all descramblers sold on the net start out as an addressable unit. When a "test chip" is installed into a cable box it will "turn it on" to full Viewing and allow access to all channels the cable company offers. We do not install these test chips in the units we sell. We can their for offer them at a substantially lower price directly to you. No other company on the net will sell you cable boxes unmodified because they want to inflate the price 100% to 300% We offer you an alternative choice.
We also do not take phone orders until you become an established dealer. Our DPV-7 Unit is advertised for as low as $15 each. Most companies on the net sell these for no less than $125 each. We also offer reduced pricing for larger orders. We offer the viewmaster 4000+ view master 4000 plus unmodified cable box descrambler at a low price.
At this web site we tell you exactly how it is.Their are no gimmicks, No price inflation's. We simply give you the choice that no other web site's offer!
Warranty Info: It's Unbeatable! 30 Day Warranty on our brand new products only excluding the remote control units. Warranty is void only if the unit is tampered with. This is the same type of warranty you would expect to find in a local retail outlet. Anything goes wrong, just return it. Original equipment carries no warranty.
What is digital cable & how does it work? Digital cable is not sent down the cable line as a scrambled signal. Traditional analogue cable is scrambled, digital is not. Don't be fooled by people telling you that digital is scrambled. Digital cable signals are transmitted down the cable line to your digital converter. Your converter is setup to turn on certain channels that you are paying for. Your cable system communicates with your converter box and that is how your available channels are displayed. For example: If you subscribe to HBO, Cinemax, Showtime & Starz and those channels are located on 500 through 525 then your cable system will tell your digital converter to "turn on" those channels. Before the cable system used to tell your analog converter to "unscramble" those channels via your cable box descrambler. With digital cable their is no scrambling of the signal, it's digitized instead. This is a much more secure way of delivering higher quality content to your television screen for you to view. If you were to make a digital converter which will be very difficult for you to do, but if you did make one then it would likely get you all of the channels offered by the cable company. The one problem is that the cable company has the ability to change their delivery code format to your box and they have billions of codes to choose from. If you somehow were able to get the billions of code into your converter that you have built then you might have a chance of getting all of the channels, and you may have a chance of selling your converters to cable systems since in effect you would have created a digital cable converter.
Why do most people think digital cable is a rip off and it has no value? My answer to this question is because you people are not as stupid as the cable companies think you are. You are smart enough to know that the day you switched from analog cable to digital cable and you hooked up that fancy new digital cable box to your TV expecting a much better quality picture and you quickly realized that it looks no better than analogue did, but yet your paying much more for it, you decided right then that digital is just a rip off, right? Well if you did then you and I agree. The problem is that even though this new great high tech digital is now in your living room costing you much more than analogue ever did, the signal is still traveling down the same old line it always did, down 100+ streets around 200 corners, under rivers, freeways and sewer lines before it gets to your home. Of course it's going to be degraded before it reaches you. Their is only one way to avoid all of this and that is to forget about cable and go to www.DirectTV.com and get satellite. This is true digital and once you have looked into Direct TV you will never think about digital cable and the cable companies ripping you off again. Still not convinced cable is a rip off? Ask your local cable company how much do they charge for "local channels only" the bare minimum package, then contact Direct TV and ask them what local channels cost. You will find that Direct TV is around $4.99 per month and your local cable company will want somewhere between $10 and $18 with an average around $15 per month just for local channels. Forget it! Want our suggestion? We suggest you either stay with your analog service for as long as possible and if you get forced to pay more and move to digital, just give up and contact Direct TV instead. Now, why did I tell you about all of this? I told you because their is nothing available for digital cable.
What is an "Unmodified cable box or unmodified cable box descrambler"? And why do you call them unmodified? The answer is simple. Since it is VERY well known that many people on the net sell boxes that will get you all of the channels without using any cable company equipment "it's up to you to notify the cable company" we have decided to tell you why we call our boxes by a slightly different name phrase. We call them unmodified. The reason for this is we want to distinguish between everyone elses boxes and our boxes. We do not install the commonly known "5 minute install plug and play decoder kits" inside of any of the boxes we sell. Yes, it is possible to modify our boxes, it's possible to modify the cable companies original equipment boxes, it's even possible to modify a VCR or for that fact you could stick one of those 5 minute install decoder kits right into your TV set and it would work if you can find the video feed line but we don't sell these 5 minute install plug and play decoder kits AKA boss boards. We only sell just the cable boxes, just like the cable companies sell and rent. We are not in the business of selling decoders, decoder kits, test kits or test chips. Everyone else sells those things, we do not. We could if we wanted to, but we choose to not sell those items, instead we simply sell unmodified cable boxes at great low prices wholesale to the public or to any cable company or system that wants to buy our inventory. We even manufacture our own universal boxes and you will know this when you by our boxes and see the FCC stamp we have earned located on the bottom of each box, it will also say A.P.I. Inc. which is the name of our company. Our products are 100% legal no questions asked. If you need more information about unmodified cable boxes, we would be happy to give that to you. Just click here to email us right now and ask us for more info.

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